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Monday Muse 4/17/17

I added 5 songs to the Monday Muse Playlist and I hope that it helps you focus and find your center.

Some questions to ponder as you listen:

  • On what will you focus this week?
  • What energy are you bringing into the new week?
  • How can you maximize your productivity this week?
  • What will you do to take care of you this week?


image credit: Aziz Acharki

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Brace Yourself: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming!

Brace Yourself: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming!

AHHHH! The dreaded Mercury in Retrograde. It’s coming on April 9, 2017, and will last until May 3. I know that most of us fear it’s huge disruption because it makes communication tough. However, because four other planets are already in or going into retrograde, this Mercury hit will not feel as bad.

What the heck is Mercury in Retrograde?

We are referring to the direction in which the planet Mercury seems to be traveling. Planets move from East to West, orbiting around the Sun, however, when Mercury goes into retrograde, the planet appears to be heading in the opposite direction of the planet Earth, traveling West to East. In doing so, it seems to be going backward in much the same way that when two trains are moving alongside each other, and one moves faster, the other appears to be moving back. It is really a matter of perspective.

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Monday Music Muse 4/3/17

Most people I know scoff at the idea of having to Monday! A friend often calls Monday her “Bonus Sunday,” and never works on Monday. I used to feel the same way. In fact, I was the epitome of the Monday Blues. But now, as I push closer to forty, I am learning to embrace this dreaded day.

My husband doesn’t work on Mondays, and because I work from home, I have the opportunity to relax as well. We often use Monday for a variety of family-centered activities: working on our budget, grocery shop, playing board games with our daughter, etc..¬† I also take the time to set up my planner for the week, figure out our homeschooling goals, and focus on having a productive week. Usually, we do all of this while listening to music. Continue reading Monday Music Muse 4/3/17